This initiative echoes Cyril Ramaphosa’s statement and call to action, whereby he states that “in implementing our prevention measures, we must recognise that violence against women is not a problem of women. It is a problem of men.” Wearing this lapel button demonstrates the solidarity of all South Africans, stating our intent as a nation to change the dire reality that we live in. It also promotes change and healing as proceeds from the sales support the Uyinene Mrwetyana Foundation in its objective to end the narrative of GBV in our society and to strive for a reality in which women are respected, regarded as equals and may live freely in a safe and fair world. The lapel design is based on an ancient healing symbol together with a heart emblem. It has the appearance of the infinity symbol and shows two forces merging into a central heart space. The supporting communication is: “In solidarity we vow to protect what is vulnerable, sacred, rare and beautiful.”