SA Women Fight Back is a community of united women who network to bring about legislative change and support for all women and children in South Africa. Through non-violent, collaborative engagement we lobby to combat gender based violence and hold the government and other authorities accountable for the safety, empowerment, equality and justice for all.

Drop everything and download: MiVoice, a local app that’s fighting gender-based violence. All you need to do is click on image below!

When a survivor of intimate-partner violence gets the rare opportunity to take on their perpetrator in court, admissible evidence can be the difference between winning or losing. But evidence, notes and photos of injuries that victims often save on their smartphones can be lost when a perpetrator takes or destroys the device. Now, Carte Blanche meets the developers of a secure online vault that will allow vital evidence to be safely stored in the cloud and out of reach of the abuser. Could the GBV Vault help secure more convictions?